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There are specific procedures that all EU or non-EU students of the University of Milan should follow for enrolment in the course or programme they are admitted. You can choose from the options below.

ATTENTION: before enrolment, check for any specific deadlines and requirements of the programme or course you are interested in!

Undergraduate Application and Enrolment Procedure (scroll down to find the enrolment procedure of your programme).

Postgraduate Application and Enrolment Procedure (scroll down to find the enrolment procedure of your programme).

OFA - Admission exam

This information is addressed to undergraduate (bachelor) students of SPO, SIE, GLO, LAM who have been admitted to their programme with ‘additional educational requirements’ / Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi (hereafter referred to as OFA).

Information on the assignment of OFA: the entry test addresses three topic areas (linguistic-expressive skills, logical-mathematical skills and general culture skills) with 20 questions for each area. Students fail a topic area if they do not answer correctly to at least half of the questions of that specific area.
Please remember that, additional educational requirements (OFA) can be assigned only for topic areas of linguistic-expressive skills and logical-mathematical skills; while failing general culture skills does not assign any OFA.

Reminder: students admitted with the assignement of one/two OFAs, are admitted with the condition to meet the requirements of the OFA/s they were assigned with after the admission exam (test di ammissione).

In order to meet the OFA, the student is expected, during the first year, to attend the specific course for each of the topic areas of her/his OFA, and to pass the final exam of this/these course(s).

In the case that the admitted student will not be able to meet her/his assigned OFA - by passing the required exams – until June (of the academic year in which she/he enrolled), she/he will not be able to complete the enrolment and continue to attend the courses and exams of her/his degree programme. The successful enrolment/admission to the degree programme will occur only if the student meets the assigned OFA. Please contact the tutor(s) of the specific programme you are interested in for more information.


For academic year 2018/19: the courses for the OFA in the topic areas of linguistic-expressive skills and logical-mathematical skills will be scheduled during the first half of the academic year.

Find detailed information and access the OFA Course Timetable (information is in Italian only - OFA course timetable is updated yearly at this page - please always check if the information refers to the academic year you are interested in).

OFA - English language

OFA is an acronym for ‘additional educational requirements’ / Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi (generally referred to as OFA).

At the section Courses of English, you can find more information about:  English language requirements, language certificates recognised by the University of Milan, Placement Test for English language, courses for English language OFA, and English language OFA Courses Timetable.

Placement test and the OFA English course are managed by the SLAM Language Centre .

Remember that English language requirements may vary for each degree programme. To have detailed information on the Ensglish language level required for your degree program, consult the Study Manifesto of your programme - from the SPES homepage, under 'corsi di laurea'.

You can find more detailed information (available in Italian only) with specific regard to SPES courses, as follows: from the SPES homepage, select "CORSI DI LAUREA" from the options on the upper side of the page - pay attention to also select the correct academic year! (on the upper side of the page) - and then select "OFA - Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi" (from the options on the left side of the page).

Courses timetable - Academic year

Search for the timetable of your course/programme.

Find information about the Academic Year of the University of Milan.

Education quality questionnaire - Valutazione della didattica

For each course you attend it is obligatory to complete the Education quality questionnaire (Valutazione della didattica) which is available from SIFA webpage under Educational services, by selecting ‘Education quality questionnaire’. The Education quality questionnaire is anonymous.

The questionnaire is accessible after the completion of the 2/3 of the duration of the course. The language of the questionnaire depends on the language which the course is taught. If you do not complete the questionnaire in advance, you will be required to complete it in order to register before the exam of the course.

More information is available at the website of the Faculty of SPES, by selecting CORSI DI LAUREA and then the option ‘Valutazione della didattica online’ (from the left side of the page).

Exam registration and results

Find detailed information on the PROCEDURE FOR REGISTRATION before each exam and acceptance or refusal of results - at the same page, there is also available the Manual for registration at exams (available in Italian only).

Consult specific information on the deadlines for registration before each exam of the Faculty of SPES programmes and further information on acceptance or refusal of results by accessing the section  'Per orientarsi alla Facoltà' (from SPES homepage, select 'CORSI DI LAUREA' section -> 'Per orientarsi alla Facoltà' -- information is available in Italian only).

Find and download the CALENDAR OF EXAMS for each course (information available in Italian only).

A summary of the procedure and deadlines for registration before exams are provided below in ENGLISH. Please consult the Italian versions of this information (mentioned above) for specific details.

Registration before exams

Attention: If you have not yet completed the online Education Quality Questionnaire of each course (‘Valutazione della didattica online’) you will be asked to complete it in order to proceed with exam registration.

In order to register for each exam you have to follow the Exam Registration process directly from Online Services (SIFA) http://www.unimi.it/hpsifa/ENG/nonProfiledPage_100.html under Educational services -- Exam registration (login required). SIFA is also available through UNIMIA webpage.

Make sure to be on time with deadlines: you can register for the exam of Faculty of SPES programmes/courses from 14 up to 4 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) before the exam date.

ERASMUS+ students can register, with the same procedure and within the same deadlines as mentioned above, to the exams listed in their Learning agreement. More detailed information is available at the section  'Per orientarsi alla Facoltà' / 'ESAMI’ (you can reach the section from SPES homepage, select 'CORSI DI LAUREA' section -> 'Per orientarsi alla Facoltà' -- information is available in Italian only).

Acceptance/refusal of results

Once the grade/mark of each exam is made known to you, you have the right to appeal against this grade/mark if you wish. The results of oral exams are made known to the student directly after the exam, therefore can appeal against the grade on the spot. After final written exam, the final grade is published in the section "Written exams results" of SIFA online services webpage (under "Educational Services"), when the grade is published the student also receives an email (at the UNIMI official webmail) indicating the grade of the exam. But keep in mind that there is a deadline for appeals against written exam results, so make sure to accept or refuse the grade within the deadline!

In specific, the student has 10 days (from the publication of the result) to accept or refuse the grade (via UNIMIA/SIFA Online Services). If the student does not start the procedure of a request for appeal against her/his grade within the first 10 days, then the grade will be considered as (silently) accepted by the student and will be officially registered in the student's electronic record book (including list of grades/marks obtained for each course, ECTS credits, etc.) which can be found through the UNIMIA webpage (login required):  https://cas.unimi.it/login?service=http%3A%2F%2Funimia.unimi.it%2Fportal%2Fserver.pt

The grade is registered in the student’s electronic record book 3 days after the student's acceptance, or 3 days after the expiration of the 10-day period for appeal against a grade/mark.

Apart from the above, there are also additional indications from professor(s) of each course concerning the required readings (programme of study) and modality (written and/or oral) of each exam.

Staying in Italy

Remember that some of your personal documents required for staying in Italy, might need renewal.

Find and counsult the list of essential documents for staying in Italy.