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Organizational Development and Change - programma
Organizational development and change - programma

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Corso di laurea in MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND LABOUR STUDIES (MLS) Classe LM-62 Enrolled from 2014/2015 academic year - Laurea Magistrale - HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS - 2018/2019

Insegnamento obbligatorio
Anno di corso2s
Periodo di svolgimentoprimo trimestre
Settori scientifico disciplinari
  • SECS-P/10 - Organizzazione aziendale
Crediti (CFU) obbligatori6
Crediti (CFU) facoltativi-

Informazioni generali

Obiettivi: Analyze the main theoretical contributions approaches to the organizational development areas, highlight the techniques related to the design, planning and management of organizational development plans with regard to how adult and organizational systems learn and change

Lingua dell'insegnamento: English

Metodi didattici: Lessons, project works, external speakers

Programma di studio

Programma: Part 1 Overview of OD and Change

• Organization and OD
• The nature of planned change
• Action research and Positive approach to change
• Organizational Development for performance systems

Part 2 Diagnosis Organization

• Organizational level diagnosis
• Diagnosis Groups
• Individual level Diagnosis
• Designing interventions

Part 3 Human Resources Intervention

• Interpersonal groups and process approach
• Individual Intervention
• Performance management
• Developing Talent
• Introduction to HRD
• Basics of HRD
• Theories in HRD
• Psychology and HRD / OD
• Metatheory on learning
• Paradigms of HRD
• Adult Learning - Andragogy
• David Kolbe learning Scheme
• 70 20 10 model
• The nature of Human expertise

Part 4 Strategic Change Intervention

• Transformational Change
• Culture Change
• Continuous Change
• Learning Organization
• Built to change organization
• Transorganizational Change

Short course description english flag

Part 1 will focus on models and approach to OD and change management activities and in part 2 will focus on how diagnosis and intervention in organization are planned and activated with regards to groups and individual level. In part 3 we will explore how OD activities are interrelated to key area that are people related (e.g. performance management, training, coaching, working with groups etc.) OD will be connected with HRD in order to understand similarities and differences regarding theories and approaches. Human approach to learn and change will be analyzed focus on how adults learn and change. Part 4 will focus on strategic change intervention (culture change, cultural change etc.). Project work and presentation during the lesson will be requested as part of the program.

Bibliografia e altri materiali didattici: Cummings – Worley “Organizational Development and Change – International student edition IX – South Western Cap. 1,2,5,6,7,9,10,12,17,18,19,20,21,22

Slides used during the lessons

Suggested additional

• R.A. Swanson «Foundation of Human Resources Development II edition » Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. ( available in eBook Format )
• M.Y.Cheung Judge, l. Holbeche “Organizational development- A practitioner guide for OD and HR II edition” Kogan Page
• Gibb “Human resources Development” Palgrave
• John W. Boudreau, Peter M. Ramstad Beyond HR: The New Science of Human Capital Harvard Business Press ( key Concepts )
• Cameron et al « Positive Organizational Scholarship» BK Publisher S. Francisco

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Esame in un'unica volta o suddiviso in partiunico
Modalità di accertamento conoscenzeEsame
Giudiziovoto verbalizzato in trentesimi

Prerequisiti e modalità di esame Written Exam

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  • Settore: SECS-P/10 - Organizzazione aziendale - Crediti: 6
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Lezioni: 40 ore

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