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Consumer Culture - programma
Consumer culture - programma

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ROBERTA SASSATELLI , responsabile dell'insegnamento

Corso di laurea in COMUNICAZIONE PUBBLICA E D'IMPRESA (COM) Immatricolati dall'a.a. 2015/2016 - Laurea Magistrale - CORPORATE COMMUNICATION - 2018/2019

Insegnamento obbligatorioNo
Anno di corso1s
Periodo di svolgimentosecondo trimestre
Settori scientifico disciplinari
  • SPS/07 - Sociologia generale
Crediti (CFU) obbligatori9
Crediti (CFU) facoltativi-

Informazioni generali

Obiettivi: To provide a critical understanding of the historical development of consumer capitalism, the fundamental elements of contemporary sociological theories of consumer action and the main issues related to the politics of consumer culture. To illustrate how theories may work in practice, by addressing key contemporary empirical phenomena in the sphere of consumption, with particular attention to social boundaries and social identities, commercial institutions and the new challenges posed by environmental issues and the process of globalization/localization. Besides a sound competence in the sociology of consumption, students will also develop capacities of critical reading and writing, as well as oral presentation and team-work.

Lingua dell'insegnamento: English

Metodi didattici: lectures, workshops, teamwork and presentations

Programma di studio

Programma: The unit deals with the history, theory and politics of consumer culture. It provides the theoretical grounding for understanding the most relevant contemporary consumer issues.

Programma per non frequentanti: The unit deals with the history, theory and politics of consumer culture. It provides the theoretical grounding for understanding the most relevant contemporary consumer issues.

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This unit aims at providing a theoretically informed sociological understanding of contemporary consumer cultures and practices. While adopting an interdisciplinary outlook, it mainly deals with the sociology of consumption, concentrating on contemporary social phenomena of global relevance. The unit starts by discussing the historical development of so-called consumer capitalism, highlighting the relevance of urbanization, colonialism, changes in social stratification (class, gender) and international commerce. It then focuses on the most important theories of consumer action, considering how economics, sociology and anthropology have provided a number of distinctive perspectives on the functions, meanings and mechanisms of consumption. It finally considers the politics of consumer culture: it thus addresses cultural industries as a vehicle for hegemonic views of the “consumer”, commercially mediated spaces as institutional contexts for a variety of dominant or alternative consumer practices and identities, and the process of globalization/localization as realized through the global standardization of commodity chains and alternative, locally grounded market circuits.

Bibliografia e altri materiali didattici: Attending students will have a written exam on Sassatelli, R. (2007) Consumer Culture, Sage and a selection of chapters (as detailed in the itemized Programme for Attending Students which will be distributed at the beginning of Unit) workshops and coursework based on teamwork. The workshops are organized around the production of Wikipedia entries in the area of Consumer Culture.

Bibliografia e altri materiali didattici per non frequentanti: The assessment will consist of a written exam for non-attending students who will have to study the 4 textbooks listed below in full, answering 6 questions on all books. The exam lasts one hour and each answer is given a short, fixed space.

Hochschild, A.R. (2012) The Outsourced Self, UCP
Miller, D. (2012) Consumption and its Consequences, Polity
Sassatelli, R. (2014) Fitness Culture, Palgrave
Sassatelli, R. (2007) Consumer Culture, Sage

Modalità di esame, prerequisiti, esami propedeutici

Esame in un'unica volta o suddiviso in partiunico
Modalità di accertamento conoscenzeEsame
Giudiziovoto verbalizzato in trentesimi

Prerequisiti e modalità di esame Witten exams plus coursework for attending students.

Prerequisiti e modalità di esame per non frequentanti Written Exam for non-attending students.

Organizzazione della didattica

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  • Settore: SPS/07 - Sociologia generale - Crediti: 9
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Lezioni: 60 ore

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